The Tumbi Umbi preschool taking learning outdoors

Learn naturally with Killarney Vale Preschool. Our caring staff are dedicated to stimulating your child mentally and physically with our fantastic range of outdoor learning activities. Killarney Vale Preschool is proud to offer a large, fully supervised outdoor area for children to run, play and enjoy getting their hands dirty.

Outdoor activities include: 

  • Growing fresh produce & bush tucker
  • Beekeeping
  • Appreciation of nature
  • Worm farm & composting our scraps

When you visit our preschool, you’ll see all the wonderful natural resources we have on hand to teach children the value of the environment. Your little ones will learn how to grow and care for herb gardens and other edible plants including bush tucker. We also teach kids about the benefits of compost.

Did you know that if you dispose of household greens into a worm farm they don’t produce greenhouse gas emissions? Children love to learn and care for our in-house worm farm!

For children, play is learning. There is no better space for children to learn than the outdoors, and there is no better play resource than nature.  Our beautiful outdoor space encourages exploration of nature and builds essential gross motor skills needed for children to navigate their environment.


Playing outdoors grows resilience, self-confidence, initiative, creativity and more. It encourages the joy of movement; it nurtures wild imaginations, experimentation, friendships, and social connections

To organise a visit to Killarney Vale Preschool, complete an online enquiry form or call us today.